The ASOPRS Foundation Board of Trustees

Jan W. Kronish, MD, Chair
Roberta E. Gausas, MD, Immediate Past Chair
Jemshed A. Khan, MD,, Treasurer
Erin M. Shriver, MD,, Secretary
Don O. Kikkawa, MD, Trustee
Louise A. Mawn, MD, Trustee
John B. Holds, MD, Trustee
Christine Nelson, MD, Trustee
David Lyon, MD, Trustee
John Fezza, MD, ASOPRS Treasurer, Ex-Officio
Mark A. Lucarelli, MD,  ASOPRS Vice President, Executive Committee Liaison, Ex-Officio
Barbara FitzGerald Beatty, Executive Director
Pictured from Left:  Jemshed Khan, MD, Jan Kronish, MD, Erin Shriver, MD, Mark Lucarelli, MD,
Roberta Gausas, MD, John Holds, MD,  and John Fezza, MD  
Absent:  Don Kikkawa, MD, Louise Mawn, MD, Christine Nelson, MD and David Lyon, MD
Members of the ASOPRS Foundation Board of Trustees
working at the recent meeting on June 2, 2018 in Austin, Texas.
Past Distinguished Members of the ASOPRS Foundation Board of Trustees
John Wobig, MD
Michael A. Hawes, MD
Richard P. Carroll, MD
Mark R Levine, MD
Richard K. Dortzbach, MD
John W. Shore, MD
Roger A. Dailey, MD
Daniel P. Schaefer, MD
Kathleen F. Archer, MD
Gary Weinstein, MD