The ASOPRS Foundation funds ongoing educational programs here and abroad to keep members, trainees, and other interested parties abreast of the continually evolving field of oculoplastic care.

Current Educational Activities:
ASOPRS Foundation Michael J. Hawes Lecture
   The ASOPRS Foundation supports an annual lecture each year on the specialty of ophthalmic facial plastic and
    reconstructive surgery.
Newly Inducted Members Spring Meeting Support
   The ASOPRS Foundation provides Education Grants to oculoplastic fellows to attend the Spring Meeting lectures.
ASOPRS Dortzbach Oculofacial Plastic Surgery Bibliography
   The ASOPRS Foundation has provided grant funding for the distribution and access to the Dortzbach oculofacial
    Plastic Surgery Bibliography which is updated yearly through the University of Wisconsin.
On-line Journal access for International Programs
   The ASOPRS Foundation provides education grant funds to provide access to the ASOPRS Journal on-line
   for international oculoplastic training programs.
Digital/Mobile Surgical Log for Fellows
iOperate is a web-based system designed to simplify and improve the surgical case reporting of ASOPRS fellows-in-training. Aaron Fay, M.D. and John Nguyen, M.D. created iOperate. Using iOperate, fellows are able to log surgical cases in real time using an iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android phone or tablet, or a traditional computer. Entries are immediately transmitted to the ASOPRS national surgical database. Each fellow is able to access their own case log using the system, while ASOPRS is able to analyze the national database. The system has been implemented this academic year for all fellows.
Bart Frueh, MD Award for Best YASOPRS Presentation
The Bartley Frueh, M.D. Award for Best YASOPRS Presentation is given by the ASOPRS Foundation to the top two presentations during the fall meeting YASOPRS Eye Opener Sessions. 
Spring Rising Star Award for Best YASOPRS Presentation
The Spring Rising Star Award had its initial presentation at the Spring 2018 Meeting.  Each year it will be awarded to the Best YASOPRS Presentation at the Spring Meeting and will be in honor of the highest ASOPRS Foundation Donor from the previous year.  

2018 Spring Rising Star Award Presentation

The 2018 Spring Rising Star Award was named in honor of Edwin C. Augustat, MD who was the highest donor to the ASOPRS Foundation in 2017.  Nicholas Mahoney, MD was the 2018 recipient for his presentation at the YASOPRS Rapid Fire Case Presentations, "Trends and Variance in Coding and Case logging by ASOPRS Fellows":


Erin Shriver, MD, ASOPRS Foundation Awards Committee Chair                               Nicholas Mahoney, MD, Award Winner and

                                                                                                                      Edwin C. Augustat, MD, ASOPRS Honoree

Roberta Gausas, MD, ASOPRS Foundation Chair

Edwin C. Augustat, MD, ASOPRS Member

Bart Frueh, MD Award Best YASOPRS Presentation

The Bartley Frueh , M.D. Award for Best YASOPRS Presentation is given by the ASOPRS Foundation to the top two presentations during the fall meeting YASOPRS Eye Opener Sessions. This award is given in honor of Dr. Bartley Frueh's passion for teaching and intellectual curiosity. Dr. Frueh, a past ASOPRS president, a renowned oculoplastic surgeon and world expert on thyroid eye disease, established and directed the Eye Plastics and Orbital Service at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor 1979-2008.

 2017 Award Presentations with ASOPRS Chair Roberta E. Gausas, MD


2017 Benjamin Erickson, MD "Don't 'Burn, Baby, Burn!': A Novel Decoupler to Prevent Operating Room Fires"
2017 Nora Silverman, MD "Ocular Pyogenic Granulomas Treated with Topical Timolol"
2016   Evan Kalin-Hajdu, MD "Diffusion Weighted Imaging as a Method of Diagnosing Distensible Orbital Venous Malformations"
2016   Sonul Mehta, MD "Is Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease Associated with Primary Acquired Nasolacrimal Duct Obstruction (PANDO)?
2015  Alison Callahan, MD  "Low Flow Combined Venous-Arterial Lesions of the Orbit"
2015  Jill Melicher Larson, MD  "A Case of Cocaine-Induced Pyoderma Gangrenosum Resulting in Severe Cicatricial Ectropion"
2014  Milap Mehta, MD   "Medial Orbital Wall Anatomic Landmarks"
2014  Preeti Thyparampil, MD "Changes in Intracocular Pressure During Orbital Floor Fracture Repair"
2013   Dan Rootman, MD Does the Tyndall Effect Describe the Blue Hue Periodically Observed in Subdermal Hyaluronic Acid Gel 


2013  Edward Wladis, MD "Immunologic Characteristics of Ocular Rosacea"
2012  Edward Wladis, MD "Toll-like Receptors and Vascular Markers in Ocular Rosacea"
2012  Matthew Vicinanzo, MD "The Prevalence of Air Regurgitation and Its Consequences After Conjuntivo-dacryocystorhinostomy with

                                                       Lester Jones Tube and Dacryocystorhinostomy with Silicone Intubation"